Top 5 Fall Tips to Keep Up Your Metal Roof

A metal roof has colored leaves resting on it.

Metal roofing provides support, durability, and a long-lasting solution to protect your home from the elements. Some homes have metal molded into the shingles while others have sheet metal creating a modern look. Both situations benefit from ongoing maintenance to ensure a long lifespan of your investment. Keep reading to learn our top maintenance tips for keeping up your metal roofing. 

1. Take a Seat

Metal roofs tend to be thinner than wooden ones. Even if you don’t come crashing through your roof, if you stand on it, the centralized weight may cause a dent in the paneling. If unavoidable, try to walk over joists where the structure and support is stronger.

2. Clear off the Debris

Sweep, blow, or spray off anything on your roof. Clearing off leaves, branches, and any extra dirt will help relieve any weighted pressure from your roof. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters and drains, as well. If you see any mold growth, make sure to kill it and scrub it away. An annual fall cleaning should do the trick to keep your metal roof look and be as clean as can be.

3. Tighten Every Screw 

Make sure to tighten all the screws in your roof and replace any missing ones. Make sure to use the same materials you have on your roof. Make sure not to put screws in lower areas to avoid pooling. 

4. Examine Your Sealants

Take a close look at the seams and edges of your roof to ensure there are no gaps. Some sealants will not last for the entire lifecycle of your metal roof. Make sure to check them when you do your fall routine so you can take care of any issues before they come up. Clean up any patch paint areas to stop rusting. 

5. Call in the Professionals

After tightening the screws, you may notice some other damage or holes in your metal roofing. These areas will most likely need professional attention. Any holes will allow water and moisture into your home that may damage to damage your roof structure. Take care of these areas now before the winter storm season blows into town, bringing more problems with them. Mansea Metal provides metal roofing, siding, and more for home and business owners. 

Give the team at Mansea Metal a call today at (123) 456-7890 to schedule your next service or chat through your metal roof installation. 

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The Mansea Metal Difference

We Are The Manufacturer

Most of the companies who advertise metal roofing and siding or post-frame buildings are simply reselling products produced by someone else. We produce our own products from rolled steel and have large indoor yards that keep our lumber protected. That way, we control the quality and time of delivery to you. And that creates jobs right here in your home town.

Higher Quality Steel with Superior 全民斗牛

The truth is not all steel is alike, especially when it comes to finishes. That’s why we use Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL™ Coil Coatings. Created to withstand most anything that comes its way, designed to maintain extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping and marring with tremendous color and gloss retention. And you get to select your favorites from more than 22 striking color options

You Won’t Be Shorted On Lumber

When we price a building package, we give you everything you need to ensure structural integrity. Like longer gable posts that extend to the top of the truss, not just tying in at the bottom. And long-lasting pressure-treated wood measuring .60 CCA. You won’t get this quality at a ‘big box’ store. Plus, we use true 6x6’s along with 2x10’s and 2x12’s that are #1 grade.

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